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Cytoplasmic Transfer (CT)

Some women produce very poor quality eggs in spite of using different stimulation protocols. The situation does not change even in a long protocol or by using recombinant FSH. In such cases the only possible way to use her own eggs in the ART treatment is by cytoplasmic transfer (CT).

These women may produce all poor quality eggs all but one good quality egg. In such cases our scientists can by very delicate and precise manoeuvre aspirate about 5-8% of the cytoplasm from the good quality egg and transfer very precise amount into the poor quality sibling eggs thereby improving the quality of these poor quality eggs. This transfer signals the pathway of mRNA of the good eggs into poor eggs. This technique improves the fertilization and cleavage of these sibbling eggs thus the pregnancy rates. The resulting baby will have the same genetic material as the parent. Thus we do not have to use a donor egg.

In the event of all the eggs produced by the woman are of very poor quality and we do not have a sibbling good quality egg to get the cytoplasm from then after due counselling and consent we can use a suitable single good quality donor egg to get the cytoplasm. Thus we can produce an offspring for the couple with thier own chromosomes. Hence the resulting baby is genetically thiers but for the mitochondrial DNA.

We have been doing this technique for the last 9 years and the first baby born by cytoplasmic transfer is now 8 years old. Miracle is the only centre doing this innovative technique except two other centres in the United States. We at the Miracle Advanced Reproductive Centre are very pleased to bring this technology to India and offer it to women who produces poor quality eggs.