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Collection of Eggs

Collection of eggs from the ovarian follicles is performed under general anaesthesia. Very rarely in selected patients this operation could be performed under sedation. If you want your operation under sedation please discuss this with your doctor. You are admitted to the hospital in the morning or the previous evening of the operation. You will not take anything to eat or drink from the midnight before the operation. Under ultrasound a long needle is guided through the vagina into the pelvis, and the eggs are collected from the follicles by aspiration of the fluid from the follicles. After the general anaesthesia the ultrasound probe is placed in the vagina and the aspiration needle is passed through a special guide into the follicles. The eggs are aspirated along with the fluid which is contained in the follicles. If an egg is not obtained then it may be necessary to wash the follicles with special culture media to detach the egg from the follicle. The eggs are identified under the microscope by the reproductive scientist.