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Why Miracle???

Remarkable progress has been made in the treatment of infertility since the birth of the first test-tube baby, the pioneering work was done by late Dr. Patrick Steptoe and Prof. Robert Edwards of Bourn Hall, Cambridge, United Kingdom.

From that time, some of the advanced procedures were available only in the Western countries. At Miracle Advanced Reproductive Centre, we have pioneered to bring in these advanced procedures to India.

Take a minute to think if you/ your friends/ relatives fall in this category

  • Not having a child yet

  • Depressed

  • Embarrassed

  • Ashamed

The solution is very much here in Chennai at our dedicated centre for infertility treatment. Our specialists have worked abroad in different countries like US, UK and Middle East, and we bring together a cumulative experience of more than 70 years in infertility treatments

At Miracle Advanced Reproductive Centre, we strongly believe that Motherhood is the birth right of every woman and no woman should be deprived of the same. We are here to deliver hope, confidence and a new meaning of life to the childless couple

So you can walk in with Confidence and walk out with Results.

Who We Are?


lease remember that the first day of the menstruation / bleeding is counted as DAY ONE, second day as DAY TWO and third day as DAY THREE and so on. This will avoid any confusion in your history and treatment when you are asked to start your medication, or come to the clinic for hormone test or ultrasound scan on a certain day of the cycle. A pregnancy results by fertilisation of an egg by a sperm and implantation of the resulting embryo to the lining of the uterus.
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Patient's Testimonials

Excellent treatment good hospitality,doctors are kind and caring would suggest for my friends also.I would like to appreciate the best nurses. I have met Amutha,Saranya,Kokila date wise very carrying especially Anitha. Thank you for giving me a enhance to express A good hospital Ever seen.
Shaheeha Parveen.R
Very encouraging supportive excellent guidance throughout the process well trained staff Very friendly hygienic atmosphere special thanks to Dr.Murthy & Dr.Dechamma . I feel very happy & Likely to meet Miracle. Which is really an apt name for best services.Thank you all.
M.K.O.N Lakshmi W/O Susba Reddy
Best hospital ,doctors ,nurses all are carrying and good approach. it is very good hospital.
Excellent treatment v care all the doctors were pretty good in their field They give clearcut advise.All the staff & nursewere very nice.They were friendly I thank all the doctors & Staff for providing good support and I pray the good to have a long lasting Service. Best wises appreciate your service & Help.I definetely recommend this hospital to my friends & Relatives.
Jayashree Ramesh
Simply Good & Excellent
Best reproductive centre best treatment for people of an categories.Every staff is doing their duty in an excellent way.Happy with Miracle
Mrs.Divya Radhakrishnan
Our Experience with miracle is great.Doctors and staff are doing great job & taking best case of patients. Way to go Miracle.
Rohini Aravind



AThe number of eggs produced is influenced by a number of factors like patient's age, diagnosis for infertility...


ANormally, only 95% of the normal good quality fertilized eggs (zygotes) will divide to 2 and 4 cell stage in the first 48 hours.


Overseas Patients

If you are coming from abroad, our staff will be there to receive you at Chennai airport and coordinate with you in your hotel arrangements and Consultation.

We can arrange hotel accommodation at Breeze Hotel which is a clean 3 star hotel about five minutes walking distance from our Miracle Centre. They charge $80 per couple per night including breakfast and taxes.

All the treatment cycles at the Miracle are programmed. There are reasons for this: The culture media that is used in the laboratory to culture the eggs and the embryos is imported from Europe or United States. The media has a short shelf life normally six weeks. However as weeks pass by the efficacy of the media deceases. We order our media to be delivered just two or three days before the treatment cycles begin. So when actual treatment cycles are started the media is as fresh as it can be.

If your natural bleeding does not come at the optimal time then we programme the cycle by giving hormone tablets. By this way most women going for the treatment cycle get their normal menstruation or withdrawal bleeding within a day or two of each other. You are supposed to call us on day ONE of the bleeding so we can see you on day TWO and do a vaginal ultrasound scan to make sure the ovaries are normal without any cysts and the endometrium is very thin. Because we want a new endometrium (lining of the uterus) to synchronously grow with the follicles on the ovary. If you have to have blood tests for baseline hormones it is done on that day. If your bleeding has NOT started after three days of stopping the tablets please come to the clinic on day THREE.

If you are coming from abroad you should reach Chennai on the day you stop the tablets or a day before expected normal menstruation. If you need hotel accommodation kindly let us know the dates and flight details. We will book your hotel which is a three star hotel five minutes from the centre. Please book the hotel atleast 4 weeks before your arrival

If the scan is clear and the blood test results are satisfactory then your ovarian stimulation is started with hormone injections These injections are given daily. You can either take your own injections or arrange them to be given nearer your house or come to the centre. You will be given a date and time for next vaginal scan. It is NOT necessary to fill your bladder for scans. After the scan if it is necessary a blood test is done. The fertility nurse or the doctor will explain you the result of the scan. You will be given date and the time for your next scan which is normally on day 6. Further scan are done depending on the ovarian response. After each scan or blood test the results are explained to you. The stimulation injections are normally for 10 to 12 days. In your package price you are given 2000iu of stimulation medication. If you need more stimulation you may have to buy it from the centre. Please always bring your injection schedule to the centre. We will NOT administer any medication without the schedule.

  • Once the follicles are ready (when they have reached 18-19mm in diameter you are given the trigger injection to mature the egg and release it. This is a timed injection. You are given the dosage and the time of the injection,. The medication is given from the centre. Please keep it cool in the fridge. Please take this injection at the specified time. If there is any problem please call the emergency number and talk to the fertility nurse.
  • You will be given date and the time of your egg collection procedure(operation). This is done under general anaesthesia. So you should arrive at the centre at the specified time after fasting for 12 hours. Fasting means no drink, no coffee no tea! The procedure takes about 15-20 minutes but the turn around time may be about 40 minutes. As the anaesthesia is short and light you wake up quickly and you can go home by about 2PM. Your husband has to give a semen specimen unless we have frozen his semen. Before you go home you are given a new schedule and the necessary medication for the luteal support.
  • Please phone the centre the next day around 12noon to know about fertilization of your eggs. You will be asked to come to the centre if are worried about hyperstimulation to do a scan and assess the ovaries. If you are for embryo transfer the next day you will be given a time.

    You will rest for 30-40 minutes after the embryo transfer. You can go home by car or any other transfer except motor cycle! You have to rest at home for next three days as it takes about three days for the embryo to implant. This NOT complete bed rest as you are taking lots of hormones and it increase the risk of blood clots in your legs (DVT).. You can walk around the house, go to the bathroom etc. Continue taking all the medication given to you. if you have any problems with the medication please DO NOT stop the medication but phone the centre and let us know.You will be advised to come for a blood test to see if the treatment is successful. The results are normally available after one hour. The fertility nurse of the doctor will see you and explain the result. If you are pregnant you will have to continue the luteal support for 12 weeks. We will instruct you about further blood tests and scans etc. In the even of you not being pregnant we will stop your luteal support and the fertility nurse or the doctor will see you and explain to you next course of action.

    If you are coming from abroad you can only fly after four days of embryo transfer. In this case take atleast four additional days of luteal support. If you are pregnant then we will have time to courier you the necessary medication.